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Conversational EQ is a game-changer when it comes to demonstrating

and teaching emotional intelligence

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Conversational EQ (C-EQ) is a game-based tool inspired by the neuroscience behind emotional intelligence. It was created by Dietrich Desmarais (Emotional Wealth Management) and Ed Kang, and marketed by YouEQ

Conversational EQ is a practical and fun way of building an emotional vocabulary and the communication skills needed to foster healthy emotional relationships. Carmen has been certified by Conversational EQ to supply and teach parents, educators and other professionals this revolutionary tool.

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Parents, use C-EQ to connect with your children and begin to teach them how to  process their big emotions.  

Therapists, use C-EQ to attune with your clients and teach them how to get unstuck from unhealthy emotional cycles.

Educators, use C-EQ to teach your students a robust emotional vocabulary and invaluable conversational skills.

Sports, use C-EQ to help athletes harness helpful emotions, improving their mental game and team cohesiveness.


Level 0-2 Deck Packages

Includes 1 deck and training for 1 facilitator (aprox. 60-90mins)

Additional Decks

All levels

Additional facilitator training

Trains up to 3 facilitators at once
(workshops can also be booked to accommodate more)


Book Carmen for some in-person, training and continued support, or check out the online resources from Conversational EQ

Conversational EQ: Video Player
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