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Talk therapy is a collaborative process where a healer helps a seeker by asking insightful questions.

Once we understand our story, we are empowered to change the narrative.

NOTE: S2F can direct-bill most insurances.

For a current list, please check the Telus e-Health webpage here.

Family   |   Couples   |   Individual   |   Youth

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Family therapy recognizes that a family is a system of interacting relationships where members are constantly balancing individual interests and contributing to the whole. Counselling addresses these interactions individually, or all at the same time.

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Couples counselling is a mix of relationship skills training, addressing failed expectations, and partner self-work. But the goal is almost always intimacy and connection.

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Good, individual therapy, is tailored to meet a person's unique challenges and create space for their full potential. It is a space to discover what makes someone tick, so they can make the changes necessary to get unstuck and move forward to health, joy, and fulfilment.

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Being a teenager may be the most challenging stage of life. This is because we are discovering who we are as unique individuals while being pulled between family on one side and peers on the other. Counselling youth is not about telling them what to do or think, but providing a non-judgemental space for a teen to unload and be unconditionally seen and heard.

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