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I Feel...
I Think...

2-4 players | 15 - 30 mins

build emotional vocabulary and awareness

learn to acknowledge feelings and differentiate them from thoughts

develop valuable verbal and listening skills for deepening conversations and managing difficult ones  

How the game works:

(2-4 players)

(15 - 30 mins)

1. Determine whether you will use the whole deck or just certain emotional states (easily picked out by colour).

2. Shuffle.

3. Player 1 picks the top card and reads the emotion and definition out loud. Then they turn to player 2 (the listener) and say an I feel/I think statement using the emotion picked.

4. Player 2 says, "Thanks for sharing," and then picks the next card and play continues around the circle

Some special notes:

  1. It is important to stick to the script, "I feel ______ when I think about..." to properly develop neuro-pathways that differentiate between feelings and thoughts.

  2. It's best to allow players to pass on a card and pick a new one if they need to.

  3. "Thanks for sharing" is just one phrase that denotes appreciation. Feel free to come up with your own.

  4. Once players become comfortable with the game and language, open questions can be added by the listener.

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