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A young child's entire world, and future world, rests heavily on their intial relational attachments with their caregivers. The Circle of Security (CoS) offers a map on how to navigate attachment between children and their caregivers, teachers, and other big people in their lives. Space2Flourish firmly believes in the CoS model and that is why we offer Cos-based parent coaching and workshops to spread this vital training.

Browse the page below and when you are ready, let us know how we can help.

If you want to dive down the rabbit hole yourself, head to the CoS webpage.


S2F offers Circle of Security courses for parents and guardians. Courses are usually 8 sessions long and cost around $400 per couple for the entire course. Some sessions may be possible to claim extended health.

(please contact us with financial concerns)


The Circle of Security Classroom Approach offers educators, support workers, and all others who work with children a research-based framework for optimizing an environment that welcomes learning and the natural unfoldment of development.

Contact us to find out how to bring CoS to your school or organization.

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