A Presentation by
Carmen Ohori

The following podcasts are reflections from four parishioners of Kaleden Community Church (KCC). These recordings occurred after an evening of viewing the documentary "Doctrine of Discovery" followed by group discussion.

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Why should we take the path they tread
And leave our own approach to God
Exchanging our own humble way,
For that along with bloody sod?

Oh! Surely Christ will not despise
The winding trail our fathers trod
With simple steps and faithful hearts
With loyal minds to reach their God?

Can we not then in “heathen” rites,
As ritual, serve the Crucified?
Mayn’t He in dances, reverent, pure,
As truly then, be glorified?

Why ape the race whose stated creed
Seems not to lie plumb with their deeds,
Why follow that which is not ours,
Nor which doth satisfy our needs?

Ah! Spirit that o’er Indian lands
Would’st fain reclaim thine olden sway,
Thy children are up herded sheep
Pushed north by those who pray!

Reverend Ahenakew


A prayer for KCC:

May we be a part of writing a new story of the relationship

between the church and the First Peoples of Turtle Island.

May we bring honour to a church history of dishonour,

may we bring life to an abundance of death,

may we show humility and understanding to a past of ignorance and hubris,

and may we be a people that admit our wrongs...

so we may journey towards rights.